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As a forward-thinking partner to our customer’s buildings, we’re helping to shape a more sustainable future.

About Learnd

Decarbonising with technology

Why we started learnd

The global energy landscape is changing dramatically – large-scale adoption of renewable generation and energy security issues have created the need for a European-wide provider of load management and demand response.

learnd’s approach leverages the building management systems within buildings to manage large numbers of buildings with almost zero touch.


Sustainable value

We maintain a strong market position by reinvesting in the development of our people, our technology and services, and our knowledge of our how our platform and services are used by our customers.

We make acquisitions and grow our business in a scaleable way with plans for continued growth into markets across Europe, which offer superior growth and returns.

These markets have resilient, long-term demographics, committed to energy transition and decarbonising their buildings, and regulatory growth drivers, which we expect to support growth and returns today and into the future.

Our belief in buildings

The foundation of an energy efficient future

Ensuring that all buildings are connected, sustainable and energy-efficient will be key to our global efforts to tackle climate change. Greener buildings also benefit people, bottom lines and investors.

The data that drives our beliefs


of all global energy consumption comes from large non-residential buildings


of greenhouse gas emissions is created by large non-residential buildings


of large non-residential buildings are securely connected to the internet – meaning 99% are not

For our customers, partnering with learnd means secure, connected buildings that are making energy savings and reducing emissions from day one.

Simon Wood, Co-Founder and COO

Looking ahead

Targeted acquisitions

We have achieved success over a short period of time by making targeted, strategic acquisitions. These acquisitions deliver the operational excellence and service offering that sets us apart and we bring the game-changing agility, foresight and digital capabilities.

World-leading partners

We work hard to cultivate great relationships with our vendors and partners, and deliver technology at the right time for customers.

Ambitious growth plans

Our expansion into Europe in 2023, will mean that we can lead the energy transition in more buildings and accelerate a Net Zero future.

Investor relations contact

Get in touch with us

At learnd, Investor Relations stands for consistent, proactive and transparent communication with the capital markets community. We are happy to answer your questions about all relevant capital market topics.